Tulip Season!

We’ve had some lousy weather the last few days: rain, hail, high winds and yet more rain. The rain is needed however, as we’ve had an exceptionally dry (if cold) Spring. The rain and wind has battered the garden somewhat of course, particularly the pots of tulips which, together with tree blossom, are the main interest in the garden at the moment.

As I have often mentioned, we garden on heavy clay soil. We’ve found it very difficult therefore to naturalise tulips (any tips very gratefully received!). We’re currently trying to naturalise Tuilpa ‘Springeri’, which is thriving in similar soil at Stocktonbury, a local garden which we love.

In the absence of naturalised tulips, we liberally place tulips in pots around the garden. Photographs of some of them are above. We love experimenting with new shape and colour combinations, although sometimes, it’s hard to beat the dazzle of a single tulip, en masse, in a large pot.

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