The Garden Seven Years On

The Bright Garden July 2020
The same view, July 2013

We moved to Wharf House in September 2012 and immediately set about renovating the garden. Over the course of the last seven years we have made some pretty big changes, with perhaps the most dramatic being apparent in those areas where we have added entirely new beds and structures. Throughout the process, which is ongoing, our aim has been to create a series of discrete spaces, each with their own distinctive character. Our ambition is that visitors to the garden will wander through the ‘garden rooms’ we have created with a sense of (we hope, pleasant) surprise as they progress from area to area. An important part of creating this feeling of intimacy, is screening parts of the garden, one from the other. The ideal is that, at no time, when in one part of the garden, can one have more than an enticing peek into another.

The photographs above hopefully illustrate the development of these ideas. In the first photograph, taken in July 2013, almost the whole of the largest part of the garden can be seen from one end to the other. In the most recent photograph, snapped in July 2020, the evolution of a distinct garden room is hopefully apparent. The pergola, the top of which can be seen, was only built at Christmas 2019. It does still therefore look a little ‘raw’ but it will soon be clothed in roses and clematis. The new island beds which make-up the ‘Bright Garden’, one of which can be seen here, were dug in 2018 and the planting still has a good way to go before it reaches a satisfying state of maturity. That is part of the pleasure of gardening of course. One can paint with the boldest of strokes, digging entirely new beds and merrily erecting new structures but then one has sit back and wait for the years to pass and for the garden to grow into itself.

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