Winter Jobs

Garrya Elliptica providing winter interest

Winter is almost upon us. A couple of frosts last week put an end to our dahlias for this year. We never did get the ‘last cut’ of the lawns done and the time we have for gardening at the weekends, is becoming less and less as the days shorten. And yet there is so much to do.

We’ve spent the whole of the last couple of weekends trying to get the garden ‘winter ready’. For us, that means putting away or covering all the garden furniture and any frost-sensitive statues or ornaments. It also means moving all the tender plants into the greenhouse or polytunnel. Moving the pots is a massive undertaking. So far, we have already moved over 60 pots, with more still to do. Yet more, the biggest ones, need to be bubble-wrapped and fleeced. Only then do we start to dig up the tender plants in the borders themselves and move them to their winter quarters.

Once the tenders plants are safely moved or covered, we start cutting back the herbaceous plants. That will keep us busy until the early Spring. We’re not obsessed about neatness and we certainly don’t go in for ‘putting the garden to bed’ for the winter but cutting back what needs to be cut, will take us weeks, so a start needs to me made.

In between all of this, we must also find time for felling trees and processing the wood which will provide us with enough fuel for the log burners next Winter but that’s another blog …

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