Successful Plant Combinations


Achieving successful plant combinations is the nirvana many gardeners strive for. The idea of course, is to achieve the same harmony of colour and form that a plant arranger can achieve with cut blooms but in the border.

We are very much enthusiastic amateurs at this. To some extent, we cheat in our garden by having areas themed entirely around a single colour. We have the White Garden and a large bed devoted entirely to yellow bloomed plants, for example. Even here though, one needs to think about planting. As Vita Sackville West famously observed, the dominant colour in a ‘white’ garden is green and we try to lift the green using plants with grey or glaucous foliage.

Occasionally, we do achieve little glimpses of successful planting combinations. Here are two. Leptospermum ‘Electric Red’ and Rosa ‘Scarlet Red’ in the Bright Garden and Nigella,  Campanula and a little Geranium in the long borders.


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