The White Garden

Today’s short video tour of the garden is of the White Garden.  When we moved into the house, this part of the garden was just lawn, with a small bed under the sitting room window.  Our hand was forced into making dramatic changes to this part of the garden, when we had to install a new septic tank system.  This involved cutting a gap in the boundary hedge, in order to get a digger in, which then dug an enormous hole in what is now the White Garden.  We were left with an obtrusive series of tank lids, at ground level and a big hole in the hedge!

We decided to make a large rectangular, brick-edged border around the septic tank.  We also dug out another smaller bed along the side of the garden.  The gap in the hedge was turned into an attractive feature when my very talented brother-in-law made us a pair of beautiful gates. This now provides one of the few views out of the garden, onto rolling pasture.

We knew we wanted some height in the White Garden and thought about adding four pleached hornbeam, to surround a small seating area.  The price of mature pleached hornbeam was prohibitive however, so we decided to innovate with four, large, upright pillars, up which we grow a white climbing rose (‘Snow goose’) and white clematis.  The pillars were quickly Christened ‘The Henge’ and it is almost now complete with a levelled hard-surface for that seating area.

The planting in the White Garden is a mixture of perennials propagated here (lupins, geums, ammi, orlaya grandiflora and sweet peas) and some more choice plants we have bought over the years.  The roses are ‘Snow Goose’, ‘Partridge’ (a ground cover rose), ‘Rambling Rector’ (a vigorous climber growing up the cherry tree), ‘Susan Williams Ellis’ and ‘Little white Pet’.  We have Trachelospermum Jasminoides growing up the walls of the house and use Stachys Byzantina and Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’ for their lovely silver-grey foliage.

We hope you enjoy the video.




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