Cutting bed, greenhouse and the hens

We think of our working area as the engine house of the garden.  It’s where we do all the messy but necessary jobs.  Over the years, it has evolved and in addition to a paved area for sorting out pots, sowing seeds, pricking out etc., we have a nursery bed for young plants, a cutting bed for cut flowers, a heated greenhouse, a polytunnel, a fruit cage and most importantly of all, our five hens.

Making a nursery bed has probably been our wisest gardening decision of recent years.  We lose far fewer new plants by being able to grow them on.  The cutting bed has probably been the source of the most pleasure however.  From March to October, it is such a joy to have so many cut flowers in the house.

It’s the part of the garden we spend most time in and although it’s not pretty, we thought you might enjoy this short video of it.

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