The stream & island

A stream runs along the southern edge of our garden.  It actually marks the boundary between the counties of Worcestershire and Shropshire and it feeds the River Rea downstream.  There is a small island in the stream and when we moved into the house, it was little more than a weedy hump.  The stream itself was also in pretty bad shape.  It had silted up badly over the years and was overrun with water forget-me-knot.

We have gradually brought the stream into the condition we wanted.  We raised the water level by building a new weir downstream.  We also had part of the stream dredged.  Then we had to decide what to do with the island.  We considered planting it up but it’s really too small to make much of a garden.  We then thought about having it as a seating area: the views up and down the stream are very pretty.  But how to do it?  Eventually, we saw a small garden at Chelsea, which had a dock, edged in sleepers.  We saw the potential for our island and between Christmas and New Year 2018, with considerable help from family, we began the work.  We repaired the collapsing bridge, edged the island with sleepers and overcame the problem of the ‘hump’ by putting decking over it.  We then planted the edge up with marginal plants.  This is the result.  We really love it.




3 Responses to “The stream & island”

  1. Primrose Says:

    Good day. My sister, Esperanza, and I take breakfast together and regularly read out your blog to one another. It transports us to our youth in the Great House when we were able to skip through the gardens, walloping the gardener and pinching his hat as we scampered.
    Primrose Throckmorton

  2. Gareth Says:

    Thank you Primrose for your encouraging words. It makes me very happy to think of you reading our blog over your eggs and buttered soldiers.

  3. Brian Skeys Says:

    I remember reading your post when you were still debating the planting of the island. Good to see it almost in real life.

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