The laburnum walk

We are lucky enough to have a laburnum walk here.  It was planted by our predecessors and we think it is about 30 years old.  Right now, it’s an absolute mass of yellow blooms and when one walks through it, the sound of the bees buzzing, is really extraordinary.

The best place to view the avenue of laburnum is from the orchard, which is higher up, so one can look down on it.  And that’s the problem.  The previous owners didn’t prune the trees, so the blooms have moved progressively upwards.  Most pruning books advise against cutting into old laburnum wood and if we were to prune it, that’s what we’d have to do.  By necessity we have done some pruning.  The walk was marred by a network of old metal posts, that had long since lost their use and in getting rid of them, we had to cut out some old wood.  It looks as though those trees may have sprouted fresh new growth from lower down but we’re not completely sure why that is.  Our current thinking is to prune gradually, over a three year period but if anyone has any advice, we’d be very grateful to hear it.


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  1. Primrose Throckmorton Says:

    I am reminded of the time mummy took a funny turn and rolled along our laburnum walk in what our gardener referred to as “the nip”. Oh, mumsy, what a mighty woman you were! We have all inherited your birthmark, it’s what the police used to identify poor Winifred’s arm when it was recovered from the thresher. The constable said he had never seen such a distinctive outline of Rutland County rendered on human skin. I shall raise a glass of sherry to you this evening, you remarkable lady.

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