Island progress

Our big Christmas project this year, was to rejuvenate a little island we have, in a stream running alongside the garden. We repaired the rather rickety bridge and after much debate, decided to clear and deck the island. We edged the island with old railway sleepers, leaving a marginal area, about 2 foot wide, around the decking. We’ve now planted-up the marginal area, choosing a mix of grasses, dwarf iris’ and a dwarf lysimachia.  They’re bound to be thuggish, so we’re resigned to some annual clearing. Finally, we must decide what to put on the decking itself. The debate is on-going! The photographs show rattan chairs and a couple of yet-to-be-planted pots. We’ll try a set of metal bistros tables and chairs as well. For the planters, ideally we want height, reddish foliage to stand out against the rhododendrons behind and plants that will tolerate shade. At the moment, we can’t get past acers but all ideas are welcome.

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  1. Brian Skeys Says:

    Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’, hazel nut trees are a natural tree for the county.

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