Another milestone to summer passed …


Whilst on holiday in Italy last year, we came across what we think is an old street drinking fountain, for sale in an antiques shop. We had long wanted a small, upright fountain to provide a focal point in one of the small courtyards in our garden. In the U.K. however, they are fiercely expensive. There was no price on the one in the shop in Italy so, more in hope than expectation but knowing that the Italians are not as wild about antiques as the Brits, we asked. It was about 1/4 of what one would expect to pay here. Shipping was also surprisingly cheap, so in July last year, it arrived in Shropshire, having made it safely all the way from Lake Como. The lorry was far too big to get down our drive and the fountain is made of solid stone. After much thought (and not a little swearing) we eventually got this Italian drinking fountain into our garden and we absolutely love it. It is perfect for the spot. Just as we had envisaged it. We drain and cover it for the winter and this weekend, we unwrapped, filled and switched on. And so, another step towards summer is taken and the garden looks and sounds that little bit better.

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  1. Brian Skeys Says:

    The gentle sound of running water is an essential sound to a garden. Lovely to have such a wonderful antique as a feature and always a reminder of your holiday in Italy.

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