For the last few years, we’ve mulched all our flower beds. It’s a massive undertaking. We spread 12 tonnes of the stuff and it is, without doubt, the most tedious and back-breaking job of the year. But it’s also thoroughly worth it. We use semi-composted bark which has the great advantages of being comparatively light, free draining (the pile doesn’t therefore become heavy and soaking wet) and is even sweet-smelling. It adds structure to our heavy clay soil but best of all, it really suppresses weeds and that’s principally why we do it. A few weeks’ effort in Spring, saves us weeks of weeding the rest of the summer. Best of all, this year’s mulching is now done!

2 Responses to “Mulch!”

  1. Brian Skeys Says:

    It is a good practice, especially on clay, so long as you don’t want self seeders to thrive.

  2. Gareth Says:

    Yes. It’s slowly (very slowly) improving soil structure. By the end of the summer, when verbena etc. are throwing their seeds around, it tends to have spread itself about enough for a few self-seeders to do their thing. Lack of desirable self-seeders is the price you pay however, even so.

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