It’s all about the tulips here at the moment and has been for the last few weeks.  We bulk buy our tulips from Parker’s every year and when they’re over, I’m afraid we bin them. Past experience tells us that tulips are less reliable and less vigorous in subsequent years. I wish we didn’t have to buy new tulips every year. Are we buying the wrong varieties perhaps?

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  1. Brian Skeys Says:

    I have saved tulips from previous years with mixed results. This year was close to a disaster with two year old ones in pots almost completely failing. Abu Hanson and Spring Green in the garden have been good, both three years old. There is an interesting article on the web by Great Dixters Fergus Garret on which tulips they have found to be perennial.

  2. Gareth Says:

    Thanks Brian. Excellent tip. I’ll google the Fergus Garret article.

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