A leaky weir!


We’re lucky to have a stream running along the southern boundary of our garden.  Our predecessors dug-out a pool, which widens the stream along a stretch of 200 metres or so.  Over the years, on our heavy clay soil, the pool has silted-up and now when the water-level is low in the summer, parts of the pool are above the water-level and have become covered with invasive weeds.  To try to overcome that problem, earlier this year we built up the height of the weir at the down-stream end of the pool and for a time, successfully raised the water-level by several inches.  In recent weeks though, the weir has started to spring new leaks and the water-level has dropped again.  We’re beginning to be at a loss as to how to construct a robust leak-proof weir.  For now, the plan is to throw yet more sacks of concrete at it but without enormous faith that it will do the job.

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