Daffs …


We have a bank on which we’re trying to naturalise daffodils.  In our first year, we went for fancy, double daffs from Parker’s.  They were fine in their first flowering season but have gradually lost their umph in ever since.  Some of them are in part-shade and now come up blind.  Some have died.  There is no (or no apparent) multiplying.  Having tried a number of different varieties, we decided that the bulbs most likely to reproduce and to survive less than ideal conditions (some of the bank is in part-shade, some in full shade and much of it rather damp), was to buy the cheapest bulbs from the wholesaler.  Our reasoning was (is) that the cheapest bulbs are likely to be the most unfussy and the best at multiplying.  We chose ‘King Alfred’, available by the 25kg sack from Parker’s.  It’s early days (the first bulbs  went in in 2015) but early signs are that we may be right.

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